Vinn's Projects

Diary of various projects, mainly woodwork


Gift Basket - Making a gift basket/tote from reclaimed pine
Slim Pine Bookcase - How I turned an old pine wardrobe into a slimline bookcase for paperbacks...
Gardener’s Tote - How I turned fence posts into a useful tote, aka how to make a weekend project last three weeks..
Pine Blanket Chest (Part 2) - The completion of the blanket chest project
Pine Blanket Chest (Part 1) - How to turn some old doors into a family heirloom...
New Shelf in Motorhome - A new shelf for my motorhome
Printing on Wood (to Make a Key Ring) - How I used an inkjet printer to print onto wood to make a key fob
Vaping Paraphernalia Box - Box in which to keep the various liquids, flavours, and other paraphernalia associated with vaping
Installing New Planer Blades - How I installed new blades on my Lunar Woody (aka Mafell AD160) Planer/Thicknesser
Walnut & Maple Tray - Contemporary serving tray in Walnut and Maple
How to make small dowelling - A simple tool used to make small-section dowelling
Shaker-style Cabinet - Poplar cabinet in the Shaker style
Wavy Bread Board - How I made templates to make a wavy line bread board
Triton Oscillating Spindle Sander - Quick post about oscillating spindle sanders
Wall Candle Sconce - How I made a brand new piece and then gave it 100 years of wear...
Wall Candle Sconce (Prototype) - Designing templates and making a prototype for a candle wall box
Wood Movement - Why did my box shrink??
Corner Template Storage Box - Maple and Oak box to store router corner templates
Kity 419 Tablesaw – Further Mods - Finishing touches including extractor port bracket, fitting wheels and re-assembly
Kity 419 Table Saw Mods - Improving the dust extraction on a Kity 419 Table Saw
Chainsaw Storage Case - Some tools are so good they deserve a bespoke case..
Heirloom Bread Knife Repair - Fixing a bread knife handle using epoxy resin
Trinket Box - A small box from African Mahogany
Idigbo and Oak Bread Board - Time for another bread board ...
Tree House - Fifteen-year-old tree-house stands the test of time ..
Serving Tray - African Mahogany serving tray with splined mitres
Breadboard for Van (Part II) - Shaping, sanding and finishing the breadboard
Strange Thing from China - Supposedly a 'live centre' but nothing spins !?
Niddy Noddy - Device for winding yarn
Van Wardrobe Shelves - Converted a large wardrobe into useful storage shelves
Van Over-cab Shelf - Expanding the storage space in my van..
Breadboard for Van (Part I) - Small bread board from Walnut and Sapele

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