Not being one who generally hangs anything up, clothes-wise, except maybe for a couple of shirts, I found the large wardrobe space in my motorhome was impractical.┬áIt would get stuffed with bedding and other bits all piled on top of each other, which all fell out when you opened the door! I decided to build some shelves to provide more structured storage, leaving about 6″ worth of rail to hang my shirts.

Using lots of cardboard to experiment with different designs I decided to build a shelf to extend the existing base, a vertical divider and shelves to form four compartments on the right. I would use 10mm ply that I had lying around, and edge it with a pine moulding (made on the router table) to give the impression that the shelves are thicker.

This shows the edging being glued-on

I experimented with shelf positions

Once all the final modifications had been made, I sanded each part and then coated them with three coats of matt polyurethane varnish.