Previously, in Part I of this project, I mentioned that I needed an Oscillating Spindle Sander. Well I now have one and you’ll be able to read more about that machine in a separate post here.

This new gadget enabled me to sand both inner and outer curves of the breadboard. I used the 75mm spindle fitted with a 240 grit sleeve.  I could have installed the 13mm spindle and sanded inside the hole as well but that was already quite smooth.

Once the outside edges of the board had been sanded, I used a ½” round-over bit in the router table to round over all the outside edges

Then, using a ?” round-over bit in the handheld trimmer, I rounded-over the edges of the hole.

I used the random orbit sander to sand the faces and smooth-over the edges where the router had left a visible ‘edge’. I also sanded away some burn marks left by the router.

Ready for finishing –

Danish oil brings out the beautiful colours

Finished with a coat of beeswax